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A few things we’re great at:

Fast response

On average you can expect us to reply within 5 mins during business hours (10-22 mon-sun).

Quick Start

If our printers are not busy, we can begin printing your model as fast as within 20 mins.

Fast shipping

We are located close to depots and our cutoff time is as late as 17:00 for same day shipping, depending shipping option.


We communicate a lot to ensure that no confusion happen and that both ends have reasonble expectations.

Fair Pricing

While we use quality plastics, our prices are also set low but fair. You don’t have to pay more than needed.

Upload your designs

The model analyser will give you an instant quote based on material selection and mass, giving you the lowest possible price in each material.

It will analyze the model to determine how much plastic is needed to print the model and also figure out how much support is needed. As you select material it will update the price.

Receive quality parts

After material selection you have the option to put the model in the basket and pay.

If you have questions or doubts, you are welcome to send us an email and we will get back to you. Once your order is placed, we will prepare the model for printing. If one of our printers are free, we will start the print within approx. 20 mins. Should all of our printers be busy, we will give you an estimate when your print can be finished. We ship your parts next working day after the print is complete. And in cases where its possible we ship same day.

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